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RF Antenna Booster Preamplifier

Assembled units sold out, I will start selling in kit form. I am getting to the point where my hands shake to much and my eye sight is not good to keep making them.

 I will start selling the parts in kit form that will include the components except for the circuit board, case, knob, and Fahnestock Clips. Only the parts listed in the PDF file.


Here are the connection directions.


The optional connection method was 7 turns of 22 AWG wire wound around the center of one of ferrite rods.

Here are the directions for it.


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Many owners of Crystal Radio Sets do not have space for a 100ft or longer antenna. If you are one of these then this amplifier will allow you to use a 15ft or so antenna.

Voltage gain is up to 30 times for AM radio band with direct a connection. The output is connected inductively wrapping about 3-4 turns around your built in ferrite AM antenna tuning coil.

Frequency response 100KHz to 30Mhz.

You need a 9 volt battery and wire for the antenna and ground.


RF - Broadband Pre Amplifier Parts

The Parts Kit does not contain a circuit board or knob for the variable resistor.
Not recomended for beginers you must be able to read a schematic and build from it and not step by step instructions.


RF - Broadband Pre Amplifier Parts

 Part # - RF-Preamp --- Parts for the RF Preamp Price $7.97

Parts in the kit are:

Please note the on-off switch in built into the 1K variable resistor and is not a separate item as listed in the data sheet for the circuit.

1 - 1K variable resistor, with on-off switch built into it.
1 - 2K ohm resistor
1 - 10K ohm resistor
1 - 220 ohm resistor
2 - 2.4 Meg ohm resistors
2 - BAV19 diodes
2 - 100pf capacitors
1 - .001uf capacitor
1 - .1uf capacitor
1 - 100uf capacitor
2 - PN100A transistors
1 - 9 volt battery clip


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1N34A Diodes
1N60 Diodes
1N270 Diodes
1N277 Diodes
1N914 Diodes
BAT46 Schottky
Variable Capacitors
 Dual 20/335pf  Polyvaricon
Dual 266pf  Polyvaricon
60/141pf  Polyvaricon
384pf Air Variable Capacitor
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VN10KM Mosfet
3N211 Mosfet
MFE201 Mosfet
3SK88 Mosfet
40673 Mosfet
BF960 Mosfet
BF961 Mosfet
BF981 Mosfet
BF998 Mosfet
Voltage Regulators
Timmer IC's
Audio IC's
Micro- Processors
8086 Microprocessors
8088 Microprocessors